Update- a Glimpse of the ’60s

Good day ladies & gentlemen.
I hope everyone’s staying safe and healthy during this time.
So this morning it happened I’ve made it into the ’60s again, I mean 69.89kgs…  still its something to write about!

I made an >>> Instagram  <<< to help me with my weight loss to push me, and it’s working. I’ve never been one to throw myself out there, so I thought… fuck it and so I did it.

It’s keeping me motivated and on track, OMAD has turned into two males a day, start off with a very light breakfast and tea and water threw out the day then home time, where I have my big meal and boy do I get hungry!  I’m still working my work is classed as an “essential” so while everyone on lockdown at home I’m at work on locked down.

Till my next update, hope to be 68.0kgs this month  feel free to follow my insta too


Good morning

Why hello there!

So Oman (one meal a day) was working I started off at 73kgs and got down to 66kgs within a matter of a month. Sadly I’ve gained them back and some. I would really love to do Oman properly this time around and make it work, I was doing so well!!!

So as off tomorrow, I’m making my plan on when/what to eat. I was eating at 12pm each day. (May have to change)

I nowhere I went wrong. I need to use that focus I had when I was single and merged it into my relationship. What makes it hard is control, self-control and myself do not get along but I’m going to do my best. around about dinner time that’s when I lose all control cos my partner eats 3 meals a day, I just need to learn control, when I’m cooking dinner. or I could just change my window to dinner time but that that leaves me wanting food threw out the day…I’ll make this work!



Step 1 Blogging Again

Well Hello There!

It’s has been minute, but I’m back from what feel like forever! (which it has, cause I gave up…. ) not going to lie, fully just fell off the spaceship to the weight loss planet and been floating around in space lost and Dahh you know gaining weight, not giving to crap about… ANYTHING.

I was laying in bed this morning and I asked myself  “what am I going to do today?!” I have no work all week (haven’t worked for the last three weeks) it’s been nice, not going to lie staying up late, sleeping in till the afternoon, it’s been wonderful till…..

Today kinda just hit me I’m bored as hell! and need to start taking little steps to get back into weight loss again, There are only so many ps4 games and Netflix you can play and watch. So yeah, that’s been me for the last 3 week. Since my lost post, it’s been a steady downhill of ups and down and takeaways.

But here I am today said good-bye to my old laptop and brought a desktop, I find it much better, also and I’ve been good I stopped drinking alcohol can’t even drink a glass of wine or beer, even though for Christmas I was gifted 10 bottles of red wine just from one friend! (I only have 3 very close friends) she knows I’m not drinking but yet she got me wine for years! It’s a shame she doesn’t drink wine cause I would have gifted them back to her over the years to come.

she and I attempted to join a gym the idea is still there for me, it’s one of my goals it’s just awkward for myself to cause lack of work and the timing is just wrong plus I live an hour away from the gym, so yeah doesn’t help,  so I’m changing that by finding a new job closer to the city. 

Current weight is 62kgs that was 3-4 weeks ago haven’t weighed myself since then cause I haven’t really cared, which is very sad. But I know I NEED to do something cause the older and bigger I get the harder I will have to work!, so I’m going to find a challenge since I know I can stick to them.

Oh yes, I tried keto wasn’t for me sadly, I got keto flu it was horrible the brain fogged up and it the threw me off life and overwhelmed me, turns out I can’t deal without being able to focus, it was like when writer have writer block I had life block,  but congrats to you guys and gals who pushed through it proud of you!


Till next time xox



The Forgotten 80kgs

Hello and welcome back

Sorry, it has been a couple of weeks but I have an update!!

So I was going through some old pictures and I found one of me from 2014 and oh my stars GURRLLLL HOW!!! how did I let myself get so big? how did I let myself get like that? I can remember after that photo I had enough of this weight, If I recall I was close to been 80kg!!! Think I was 78-79kgs, now I’m 4ft 8 that’s a lot of weight for a short ass like me to be lugging around every day.

I’ve forgotten that I start my weight loss adventure way back in 2014 and had blacked it out. It had been an up and down struggle I’ve quit & started 3 times, I can remember the frustration and crying the “I need a quick fix” the diet pills, the fat burning shakes, belly wraps. Somewhere along the road, I gave up and forgot all about it, and just did life. I had forgotten that I was once almost 80kgs seeing these old photos of me must have trigged the memoirs back. By the looks of it, I had given up but not subconsciously

So over the years, I have somehow gone from 78-79kgs to 65kgs as of yesterday morning without knowing it till a few months back when “I thought”I was at my heaviest of 68kgs

I’m so confused and happy at the same time I mean I’ll take it! it’s a win even though its the strangest win ever I’ll still take it. I have still got a way to go to get to my goal of 48kgs.

KetoDiet Update

I haven’t started the keto diet yet, I want to do as much research as possible I don’t want to do it alone I want to have the support and the push to do it, I will ask my taller half if he wanted to do it with me (I say taller cause he’s 6’5ft and I’m as I said above 4’8ft) he eat’s a lot so hopefully this will be able to feed him and keep him feed haha.

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Lil x

Keto Diet & My Best Friends

Hello and welcome back.

I found some more soups winter veggie soup it is amazing my new favourite, But then…..

I was strolling thru Instagram when I came across this diet called “keto diet” I found this yesterday and I have been doing research like a mad person watching videos and reading everything I can find on it and I’m so interested, I think Monday I might try this bad boy out. Is anyone reading this doing it?  I’d love to know even more and how you’re going and what the hardest part is?

I have 2 best friends and they live together and they love to drink, Amy drinks almost every day unless she has work and Arie she drink’s every other day and I drink once a month or on a special occasion like birthdays, by drink I mean alcohol.

I live 40mins away from them, I live out of the city in a small country town the only fast food we have here is subway which is good, anyway I have asked them if they would like to try this with me, I knew Amy would have said no straight away, but my other friend Arie wants to lose weight and I thought I’d suggest this to her, but she’s the kind of person that is stuck in her old habits, she will try it but won’t give it a chance or just quite cause she’s too tired or sore or lazy, she’s one of those humans, and I want to help her see the healthy side of life show her the better her and show her she can do it and  yes it will be hard but she can do it.  Cause me and Amy are sick of her complaining about herself and how unhappy she is but she won’t change her ways, so I may have to kindly trick her to get her on her way, she made the first step she wants to join a gym and I kindly said I’d join with her and I’ll do it with her so she’s not alone.

The keto diet sounds amazing and I want her to try it with me but I can’t straight up just ask her to start this with me because last time she lasted a day and gave me bullshit excuses. My plan is to kill two birds with one stone, I tossed and turned on this last night trying to plan it out; So far I got this…..

So start this Keto diet and lose weight for myself (Bird 1) and bring it up in conversation and flaunt my weight loss in front of her cause last time I did this she was very excited and wanted to know EVERYTHING. I’d say I’m on this new diet and show what it is and how I’ve done it.

And that’s how far I got, I may lose her at diet something about the word diet throws her off every time, maybe it might be different this time when she see’s what’s involved.

Oh yeah, I’m 66.5 kg I’ve been doing that arm and squat challenge I skipped a few days which I made up for by doing extra sets, I have been eating shit again though so the keto diet may help me out on that part.  I have to learn to stay away from cheese pizza!!! “Soups and pizza oh my start Lyril when will you learn!”

I’m also going to start taking pictures of my weight loss don’t worry it won’t be of me just the scales and the number.


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