The Forgotten 80kgs

Hello and welcome back

Sorry, it has been a couple of weeks but I have an update!!

So I was going through some old pictures and I found one of me from 2014 and oh my stars GURRLLLL HOW!!! how did I let myself get so big? how did I let myself get like that? I can remember after that photo I had enough of this weight, If I recall I was close to been 80kg!!! Think I was 78-79kgs, now I’m 4ft 8 that’s a lot of weight for a short ass like me to be lugging around every day.

I’ve forgotten that I start my weight loss adventure way back in 2014 and had blacked it out. It had been an up and down struggle I’ve quit & started 3 times, I can remember the frustration and crying the “I need a quick fix” the diet pills, the fat burning shakes, belly wraps. Somewhere along the road, I gave up and forgot all about it, and just did life. I had forgotten that I was once almost 80kgs seeing these old photos of me must have trigged the memoirs back. By the looks of it, I had given up but not subconsciously

So over the years, I have somehow gone from 78-79kgs to 65kgs as of yesterday morning without knowing it till a few months back when “I thought”I was at my heaviest of 68kgs

I’m so confused and happy at the same time I mean I’ll take it! it’s a win even though its the strangest win ever I’ll still take it. I have still got a way to go to get to my goal of 48kgs.

KetoDiet Update

I haven’t started the keto diet yet, I want to do as much research as possible I don’t want to do it alone I want to have the support and the push to do it, I will ask my taller half if he wanted to do it with me (I say taller cause he’s 6’5ft and I’m as I said above 4’8ft) he eat’s a lot so hopefully this will be able to feed him and keep him feed haha.

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Lil x

Keto Diet & My Best Friends

Hello and welcome back.

I found some more soups winter veggie soup it is amazing my new favourite, But then…..

I was strolling thru Instagram when I came across this diet called “keto diet” I found this yesterday and I have been doing research like a mad person watching videos and reading everything I can find on it and I’m so interested, I think Monday I might try this bad boy out. Is anyone reading this doing it?  I’d love to know even more and how you’re going and what the hardest part is?

I have 2 best friends and they live together and they love to drink, Amy drinks almost every day unless she has work and Arie she drink’s every other day and I drink once a month or on a special occasion like birthdays, by drink I mean alcohol.

I live 40mins away from them, I live out of the city in a small country town the only fast food we have here is subway which is good, anyway I have asked them if they would like to try this with me, I knew Amy would have said no straight away, but my other friend Arie wants to lose weight and I thought I’d suggest this to her, but she’s the kind of person that is stuck in her old habits, she will try it but won’t give it a chance or just quite cause she’s too tired or sore or lazy, she’s one of those humans, and I want to help her see the healthy side of life show her the better her and show her she can do it and  yes it will be hard but she can do it.  Cause me and Amy are sick of her complaining about herself and how unhappy she is but she won’t change her ways, so I may have to kindly trick her to get her on her way, she made the first step she wants to join a gym and I kindly said I’d join with her and I’ll do it with her so she’s not alone.

The keto diet sounds amazing and I want her to try it with me but I can’t straight up just ask her to start this with me because last time she lasted a day and gave me bullshit excuses. My plan is to kill two birds with one stone, I tossed and turned on this last night trying to plan it out; So far I got this…..

So start this Keto diet and lose weight for myself (Bird 1) and bring it up in conversation and flaunt my weight loss in front of her cause last time I did this she was very excited and wanted to know EVERYTHING. I’d say I’m on this new diet and show what it is and how I’ve done it.

And that’s how far I got, I may lose her at diet something about the word diet throws her off every time, maybe it might be different this time when she see’s what’s involved.

Oh yeah, I’m 66.5 kg I’ve been doing that arm and squat challenge I skipped a few days which I made up for by doing extra sets, I have been eating shit again though so the keto diet may help me out on that part.  I have to learn to stay away from cheese pizza!!! “Soups and pizza oh my start Lyril when will you learn!”

I’m also going to start taking pictures of my weight loss don’t worry it won’t be of me just the scales and the number.


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A Life Lessons: Love & Loss

Hello lovelies
What a week from hell this has been. I spent the weekend with my bf came home Monday night get home to unpack and I get a message from a random girl asking if this was my boyfriend. And low and behold it was he was on a dating site and was chatting up girls like horrible dirty revolting thing’s and she wasn’t impressed she sent me screenshots of the whole thing that made me sick! So that night I ended a 5-year relationship and now he asking forgiveness saying it was “nothing”
Anyway, I might make Fridays my weight in day, last time I weighed in I was 68 legs well I jumped on the scales and I was shocked I had to jump on three times to make sure it said 66.40kg!!
Holy Molly, I was so shocked and happy I’m slowly dropping weight. So I put this into the app I have on my phone “weight& BMI” it record my weight threw my adventure I love this app so much not so the adds that come with it.
I’m over the moon it may only be a couple of kgs but that’s better than putting it on.


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To gym or Not To Gym?

Hello lovelies

I was at work today and it got rather quiet and when this happens my mind wonders, now this got me thinking about my weight loss so I need to go to a gym? I live 45 minutes from the city we have a little gym here I could join up but do I really NEED to go to the gym do I have the time? And can I afford the gym to lose weight? Then I realised my work is a gym in its own way.

I work in a pack house packing kiwifruit in which then get’s sent out all over the world…. anyway I’m standing there waiting for the fruit I’m looking around watching the people I work with I’m watching and they are lifting, squatting, reaching repeating and pulled pellets witch are heavy, we do this all day 7 days 8 hours a day, in my daily job we are without even knowing it lifting, squatting and pushing about 5kg- 20kgs all day 7 days a week 8 hours a day…. and you sweat like a mad person cause it gets so hot. There are about 4 water stations there is a water lady that goes around filling up the water coolers 10+ times a day she is a hero! If it is a full on day and we are pushing the fruit threw to meet a deadline it gets crazy and those water stations are always full.

I have found a loophole I don’t have to pay a signup fee or pay each month, in a way, I’m getting paid to lose weight for 4 months straight all I have to do is pre-workout in the mornings before and after work at home & eat healthy threw out the weeks my fitness is sorted for the next 4 months

Now a lot can happen within those 4 months I can either go 2 ways I lose weight or gain hopefully loose. I need to lose 68.2 lbs all together so if I can lose 22lbs that would be amazing but will see how it goes from there.
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YOLO moment…..

I was walking my dog this evening and we come across this lady with spoodle (cocker spaniel x poodle) we got talking about our dogs while we watch them play Tinkerbelle was having a blasting zooming around playing chase with her dog which was named jack this lady was in sporty active wear and had a cap on hair pulled back in a ponytail and of cause had the “Fit bit” on. Tink and myself continued with our hour walk and the whole way home I was having a serious conversation in my head with myself about a fit bit.

Now when these first came out everyone was getting them they were all over TV, social media, magazines all my friends and family had them too and I’ve always wanted one cause they have intrigued me, with their little screens and all the things you can do with them, I wanted one but it was more of a “want” more than a “need” I live my life by this rule when out shopping and in life, I always ask myself is it a NEED or a WANT this saves me about 99% of the time from buying stupid shit I don’t NEED then there is that 1% that ever so often gets its way the “fuck it you only live once”…….. Well I am now the new owner of a fit bit yep I went on eBay and got me a fit bit and I am so happy!

IV also hopeful found a weight loss shake I’ll tell you more about this on the next blogs.

Weight loss & Tea

Hello and happy Easter to everyone! Today I am going to be talking about Tea because Tea is amazing and I love Tea! Did you know tea helped me lose 10-15 kg in 3-5 months all I did was replaces sodas and juice and alcohol with tea!! worked out for 10mins a day or I went out and walked the dog which was much funnier than doing 20x squats 20x sit ups 20x jumping jacks repeating that 15 times, I rather go outside and go to the park and play tag with my dog and kick the ball around, in the end I lost the kgs!!! The main thing was I was active and getting that heart rate up and sweating it felt good!

I never knew how many kinds of teas there are out there in the big round world there are a lot! I only new of the ones we had for home which was bells tea or English breakfast I didn’t know about fruit teas, floral, green black, white, oolong teas just to name some, till I start my weight loss it’s like a door was opened for me, I lost this weight when I was 22 years old I’m now 26 and have gained all the weight I lost and more!! the BMI chart says that I am “obese” for my height now I’m 31kg over my healthy weight this is shocking, horrible and I’m not happy with this result!!! so I’m going to do something about it today! No more sodas, takeaways, junk food, no more alcohol, no more chocolates!

I don’t like drinking water you may laugh at me but I can’t drink water by itself it has to be mixed with something like lemon or some sort of flavour other than ” water flavour” so flavoured teas helped me out a lot when I lost the 10-15 kg

So I’ll just do what I did before till I’m down to my goal weight. Do my 20x work out drink my tea, I know it will take me time and I’ll have my slip ups but I’ll get back on track I’m ok with that, I don’t want an overnight skinny body cause there is no such thing and that just not healthy everyone is different when it comes to losing weight for some it long hard and other fast and easy.

so this blog lifestyle will turn into a weight loss/health/beauty blog

Your welcome to follow along and see how I’m going. by October I’d like to be close to my ideal weight 48 -49kgs right now I’m 68kgs so let the Adventure begin!!