Update- a Glimpse of the ’60s

Good day ladies & gentlemen.
I hope everyone’s staying safe and healthy during this time.
So this morning it happened I’ve made it into the ’60s again, I mean 69.89kgs…  still its something to write about!

I made an >>> Instagram  <<< to help me with my weight loss to push me, and it’s working. I’ve never been one to throw myself out there, so I thought… fuck it and so I did it.

It’s keeping me motivated and on track, OMAD has turned into two males a day, start off with a very light breakfast and tea and water threw out the day then home time, where I have my big meal and boy do I get hungry!  I’m still working my work is classed as an “essential” so while everyone on lockdown at home I’m at work on locked down.

Till my next update, hope to be 68.0kgs this month  feel free to follow my insta too


It’s feels so good!

Ohh Omad!!!! I’m back yer that’s right!

I’m back doing omad (one meal a day)! it’s been a hot minute or so, seems Easier this time, maybe cause I started off doing IF? Or maybe I know what to expect and my body knows what’s up?

So IF was good, it got me back on my feet, but I had a funny feeling 16:8 wasn’t going to be enough, yes I lost weight but I also gained and then lost then gained…you get the picture, I was pretty much stuck between 72kgs and 71kgs even working out and healthy eating. It was FRUSTRATING!

I have 3 weeks off work and thought “fuck it” I’m going to do omad again, I felt amazing doing it and it was working. It has been 3 days and I started at 72.8kgs as of today I’m 70.1kgs soo close to being under 70kgs again! after almost 3 months of up and down and going nowhere I’ve finally pushed threw. I hope I can carry it on when I’m working as I’ll be doing 11 hour days. Might have to do 2mad morning & dinner we’ll see when that time arrives.

P.s I know I’m horrible at blogging and I don’t update in ages and I’m sorry I’ll try to get better

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Much love and appreciation and a big thank you for sticking around 😁

ox Lil





Goodbye to the 70s hello 60s!

I did it!

what a hell ride this last 3 month has been. From walking away from an unhealthy toxic 5-year relationship to been sick for almost 4 weeks and stuck in bed, also food poising. I managed to get in under 70kgs been here for about a 3 weeks currently sitting on 68.4kgs!   I found that the way I have been eaten while dealing with my brake-up and all of the above was actually a legit diet called omad (one meal a day)
if you want to know more about  omad <

I started new and fresh and single on 1st Mays my starting weight was 72.8kgs  iv been up and down with the flu so that put me up but at one point I was down to 67.0kg. I like this under 70kgs it not much but I feel different kinda beautiful…. and one goal complete. so now I have to set a new goal which will be to get to 65kgs. going to do these in 5’s I think small but easyish goals.

till next time.

Be kind, Stay happy, Be you!



Step 1 Blogging Again

Well Hello There!

It’s has been minute, but I’m back from what feel like forever! (which it has, cause I gave up…. ) not going to lie, fully just fell off the spaceship to the weight loss planet and been floating around in space lost and Dahh you know gaining weight, not giving to crap about… ANYTHING.

I was laying in bed this morning and I asked myself  “what am I going to do today?!” I have no work all week (haven’t worked for the last three weeks) it’s been nice, not going to lie staying up late, sleeping in till the afternoon, it’s been wonderful till…..

Today kinda just hit me I’m bored as hell! and need to start taking little steps to get back into weight loss again, There are only so many ps4 games and Netflix you can play and watch. So yeah, that’s been me for the last 3 week. Since my lost post, it’s been a steady downhill of ups and down and takeaways.

But here I am today said good-bye to my old laptop and brought a desktop, I find it much better, also and I’ve been good I stopped drinking alcohol can’t even drink a glass of wine or beer, even though for Christmas I was gifted 10 bottles of red wine just from one friend! (I only have 3 very close friends) she knows I’m not drinking but yet she got me wine for years! It’s a shame she doesn’t drink wine cause I would have gifted them back to her over the years to come.

she and I attempted to join a gym the idea is still there for me, it’s one of my goals it’s just awkward for myself to cause lack of work and the timing is just wrong plus I live an hour away from the gym, so yeah doesn’t help,  so I’m changing that by finding a new job closer to the city. 

Current weight is 62kgs that was 3-4 weeks ago haven’t weighed myself since then cause I haven’t really cared, which is very sad. But I know I NEED to do something cause the older and bigger I get the harder I will have to work!, so I’m going to find a challenge since I know I can stick to them.

Oh yes, I tried keto wasn’t for me sadly, I got keto flu it was horrible the brain fogged up and it the threw me off life and overwhelmed me, turns out I can’t deal without being able to focus, it was like when writer have writer block I had life block,  but congrats to you guys and gals who pushed through it proud of you!


Till next time xox



A Life Lessons: Love & Loss

Hello lovelies
What a week from hell this has been. I spent the weekend with my bf came home Monday night get home to unpack and I get a message from a random girl asking if this was my boyfriend. And low and behold it was he was on a dating site and was chatting up girls like horrible dirty revolting thing’s and she wasn’t impressed she sent me screenshots of the whole thing that made me sick! So that night I ended a 5-year relationship and now he asking forgiveness saying it was “nothing”
Anyway, I might make Fridays my weight in day, last time I weighed in I was 68 legs well I jumped on the scales and I was shocked I had to jump on three times to make sure it said 66.40kg!!
Holy Molly, I was so shocked and happy I’m slowly dropping weight. So I put this into the app I have on my phone “weight& BMI” it record my weight threw my adventure I love this app so much not so the adds that come with it.
I’m over the moon it may only be a couple of kgs but that’s better than putting it on.


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YOLO moment…..

I was walking my dog this evening and we come across this lady with spoodle (cocker spaniel x poodle) we got talking about our dogs while we watch them play Tinkerbelle was having a blasting zooming around playing chase with her dog which was named jack this lady was in sporty active wear and had a cap on hair pulled back in a ponytail and of cause had the “Fit bit” on. Tink and myself continued with our hour walk and the whole way home I was having a serious conversation in my head with myself about a fit bit.

Now when these first came out everyone was getting them they were all over TV, social media, magazines all my friends and family had them too and I’ve always wanted one cause they have intrigued me, with their little screens and all the things you can do with them, I wanted one but it was more of a “want” more than a “need” I live my life by this rule when out shopping and in life, I always ask myself is it a NEED or a WANT this saves me about 99% of the time from buying stupid shit I don’t NEED then there is that 1% that ever so often gets its way the “fuck it you only live once”…….. Well I am now the new owner of a fit bit yep I went on eBay and got me a fit bit and I am so happy!

IV also hopeful found a weight loss shake I’ll tell you more about this on the next blogs.